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Non-Wage Garnishment

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When most hear the term “garnishment,” they think only of a wage deduction taken from a paycheck by a judgment creditor. However, judgment creditors have a much more direct tool in their arsenal to collect money quickly from an unsuspecting debtor. One such avenue is through a non-wage garnishment. A non-wage garnishment is usually in […]

Different Types of Wage Garnishments

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Not all wage garnishments are created equal. Most garnishments, with the exception of child support or alimony, are generally stopped by filing for bankruptcy. Other types, such as back taxes or student loans, may resume after a bankruptcy is complete and a discharge is granted. If your wages are being garnished, it is important to […]

If You Have A Judgment Against You

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If you have received a judgment against you, it is crucial to be informed of your rights going forward. Consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help ease the stress of the situation and help guide you in the right direction. In Illinois, most judgments are subject to accruing at a 9.0% interest rate. Many […]

Understanding Your Rights If Creditors Garnish Your Wages

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Even if you owe debts, you have rights in place to protect you from creditors trying to garnish your wages to ensure you are not left with anything to live on. Under Illinois law, creditors can garnish up to the lesser of:  1) 15% of your gross income; or 2) the weekly disposable income that […]

Facing Wage Garnishment? Don’t Panic!

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If you are facing wage garnishment, it can be overwhelming and quite scary. If you’re already under pressure financially, the added turmoil of seeing your wages garnished may mean you no longer are able to buy groceries or pay for essentials like gas to get to work. Do not panic! We understand and may be […]