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The bankruptcy laws requires you to complete two counseling sessions prior to receive a bankruptcy discharge. You may complete the sessions over the internet or by phone. It is generally cheaper to do this over the internet. However, many of our clients find the phone to be more personable or convenient.

The Credit Counseling must be done before we can file your case. After your case is filed, you will receive a bankruptcy case number. This case number will be needed to complete the Debtor Education Counseling. This second course must be completed for the court to grant a discharge of your debts.

Each time a course is completed, a certificate verifying completion should be sent to our office. The counselor will generally forward these materials to us. Thereafter, we will file it with the court. In some cases, the provider may also file it with the court.

  • Additional fees apply for these courses. The fees from each provider vary and are not included as part of your bankruptcy case fees.
  • You must pay the provider directly, usually by authorization to pay via a debit card or electronically from your checking/savings account.
  • We do our best to monitor the performance of these counselors. Please feel free to provide any input you may have regarding your counseling experience, so that we may best steer our clients towards preferred providers in the future.

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