Checklist For Intake Appointment

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  • Copies of state and federal tax returns filed for 2017 and 2018 including W2’s and 1099’s
  • All pay stubs received in the last seven months for every job you and your spouse may have been employed at (even if filing individually). If you do not retain copies, please obtain an itemized printout or confirmation from your employer in advance
  • If you are self-employed or own your own business, gross income and expense information for this year and the preceding two years related to the business
  • Monetary amount you received in Social Security, rental income, retirement income, child support or from any other source for this year, 2017, and 2018
  • Most recent bill from each source including those you may prefer to keep.Do not include bills you pay off every month, such as utility or phone bills unless you are behind
  • Any court, lawsuit or garnishment papers received in the last two years
  • Three preceding months of checking and savings account statements; if you have closed, redeemed, or removed your name from any accounts in the last 12 months, obtain the date and amount at the time it was closed or redeemed
  • Previous addresses you have lived at for the last 36 months (three years) from today (make a list including the month and year you lived at each address)
  • Most recent tax assessment bill for all real estate you own showing what it is valued at as well as a copy of any recent appraisal you may possess
  • Amount currently deposited in any retirement, stocks, bonds, or other financial accounts; if you have closed, redeemed, or removed your name from an account in the last twelve months, obtain the date and amount in the account at the time it was closed or redeemed
  • For any life insurance policies you may own, proof of beneficiary information and current cash value for each, if any; check in advance with your insurance agent if you cannot readily obtain this information
  • Name and address of all persons you are obligated to pay child support or alimony to as well as the amount of any arrearage you may owe
  • All loan documents including a list of all collateral pledged for the loan. For any debts secured by a car or home, we will need the current payoff information on the loan
  • If you have paid back any debts or loans to a family member or relative in the last 12 months, provide the name of the person(s) and the date / amount of the repayment(s)
  • If you have transferred any property (real estate, vehicles, furniture, etc.) in the last two years, provide details as to what was sold, to whom, when and how much was received
  • If you paid tithes, offerings or made gifts to any churches,  charities or third parties in the last 24 months totaling over $600, list the name, address, and best estimates for the amount you have paid during that time frame

  • Copies of all titles to vehicles, boats, mobile homes, or trailers as well as any recorded mortgages on real estate in your possession
  • If you have divorced in the last six years, a copy of any marital settlement agreement or divorce judgment showing the apportionment of any assets or liabilities
  • An itemized list of your current estimated monthly expenses (click here for an itemized expense sheet to fill out in advance of your appointment)

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