Debt Consolidation vs. Bankruptcy

Posted on March 2113, 2019 by: admin

Many people hope to avoid the stigma of bankruptcy by attempting to work with a debt consolidation company or a company that purports to “negotiate” the settlement of your debts with creditors. Unfortunately, most of the time, this is a waste of time and valuable resources. Most people who attempt to fix their problems through […]

A Steady Path To Victory

Posted on March 747, 2019 by: admin

March Madness in college basketball is now upon us. In basketball, like all sports, the tide of the game can sometimes turn on a single play. However, in virtually all games, the victorious team had to first craft out a proper game plan against their opponent and methodically execute it to accomplish their goal. Bankruptcy […]

New Year’s Resolution to Fix Your Debt Problems

Posted on January 1425, 2019 by: admin

Making a New Year’s resolution is one of the more popular traditions we keep. Many times, we make promises to ourselves that we know we won’t likely be able to keep. Whether it’s losing weight, reading more books, or being kinder to others, we try to do lots of things to make our lives better. […]

Helping You in Time of Need

Posted on January 727, 2019 by: admin

Suffering from financial difficulty can be a bit like having your car slide off a snowy road into a snow bank. When it’s time to declare bankruptcy, it’s akin to calling a tow truck. There might be a bit of humility in calling a tow truck. You might feel you have failed or messed up. […]

Time To Change Things

Posted on December 1013, 2018 by: admin

The time change in the fall helps us get back an hour of sleep, and is one of the signs that winter is coming. It’s good to reevaluate things at the change of seasons. Wouldn’t it be better to go into the holiday season knowing that your financial situation was secure? If it’s been touch […]

Avoid The Rotting Pumpkin

Posted on October 3130, 2018 by: admin

The pumpkin is a great Halloween tradition. You hollow out the inside, draw your favorite pattern, and then carve away. It seems there is always that one kid who doesn’t want to let go of the pumpkin after Halloween is over. We know as adults what will happen if we hold on to that pumpkin […]

Be A Good Neighbor To Yourself

Posted on October 911, 2018 by: admin

Everyone tries to be a good neighbor. We keep the grass trimmed, we make sure our dog stays in the yard, and we try not to blow the leaves on to the neighbor’s yard. We might even keep an eye on things if our neighbor is out of town, or pick up the mail, just […]

You Can Answer the Phone Again

Posted on October 255, 2018 by: admin

You feel the agitation as you see another call that you don’t want to answer. It’s from a strange number. You get these calls many times a day. There’s nothing different you can tell this person than what you told the last person who called. Your financial situation is no better to today than it […]

A Fresh Start For Fall

Posted on September 341, 2018 by: admin

A new season brings an opportunity to make a fresh financial start. It’s a big step to contact a bankruptcy attorney to try to make things better. Maybe you’ve been on the fence about it for some time. Maybe you’ll need the fresh start and clean slate of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or just some […]

Medical Debt and Bankruptcy Relationship Questioned

Posted on February 1013, 2018 by: admin

  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) authored a paper on medical debt as a professor before her political career that continues to influence policymakers who are especially interested in expanding health coverage through public funding. The New York Times reports that that study is in question methodologically by other scholars. Dr. Warren wrote that paper as […]


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